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Legal Guidance for Boca Raton Accident Victims

Located about 50 miles north of Miami, Boca Raton is a city located in Palm Beach County, Florida with a population of over 80,000 residents. The city is home to a diverse and affluent community. Incorporated in 1925, Boca Raton has steadily grown as an industrial base in South Florida. In the 1960s, IBM moved one of its facilities to the city, now known as an innovative hub for computer development. Some of Boca Raton’s leading cultural institutions are museums including the Boca Raton Museum of Art, The Boca Raton Historical Society Museum, and the Sports Immortals Museum. Boca Raton has an active social scene and attracts large crowds each year for events such as the Boca Raton Holiday Boat Parade. While the city’s residents and visitors can enjoy many types of attractions, the potential for accidents remains significant. Every year, a number of people suffer injuries in this region because of someone else’s careless conduct. If you were hurt in an accident near Boca Raton, the compassionate personal accident attorneys at Frankl & Kominsky can help you seek the justice you deserve. We handle a diverse spectrum of personal injury cases, including those related to car and truck crashes, medical malpractice, premises liability, wrongful death, defective products, and many more.

Protect Your Right to Compensation in South Florida

A person who is hurt due to someone else’s careless behavior has legal options. In many cases, the victim will seek compensation by pursuing a negligence lawsuit against whoever caused the injuries. Negligence occurs when someone breaches a duty of reasonable care owed to another person, causing injuries and damages as a result. Reasonable care is defined as acting in the manner that a reasonably prudent person would act under the same or similar circumstances.

The duty owed to an individual varies in different situations, as do the ways in which someone can breach the duty. In the context of automobile accidents, a breach might consist of violating a traffic rule by running a red light or failing to yield at an intersection. A distracted driver texting on a cell phone or a drunk driver also might be found negligent. In medical malpractice cases, a doctor and other health care professionals must act with at least as much care as other physicians in the specialty would have acted when confronted with the same situation. One common example of negligence in this setting is a doctor who inadvertently leaves an instrument in a patient’s body after a surgery.

Property owners, whether individuals or businesses, also have a legal obligation to keep their premises in reasonably safe condition for visitors. For example, a store that fails to clean up spilled food on its floor might be deemed negligent if that spill caused someone to fall and sustain an injury. The actions of a store employee can be attributed to the owner of the store for purposes of liability if the employee’s careless conduct happened within the scope and course of his or her employment.

Simply establishing that the defendant breached the duty of care is not enough, however. An injured person must also demonstrate that he or she suffered harm directly from the breach. Making this connection between the defendant’s conduct and the harm suffered by the victim is crucial to pursuing compensation. Both economic and non-economic damages may be available. While economic damages may include medical expenses and lost wages, non-economic damages compensate victims for more subjective harms, such as pain and suffering.

The statute of limitations for personal injury cases in Florida is four years from the date of the accident. If you fail to file your case within this time frame, you may be barred from pursuing your claim.

Consult a Skilled Boca Raton Attorney Regarding Your Injury Case

The experienced injury lawyers at Frankl & Kominsky will commit the time and effort required to explore the details of your Boca Raton accident case. Serving clients throughout Palm Beach and South Florida, we will work with adverse parties, consult with experts, and do whatever it takes to maximize your chances of obtaining compensation. When you or a loved one has been injured or killed due to the negligence of another person, choosing the right attorney can make all the difference. You can expect attentiveness, reliability, and clear communication from each member of our team. Call us toll-free at (855) 800-8000 or contact us online today to learn about your options in a free, confidential consultation.

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