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Bus accidents are less common than car accidents because bus drivers are required to have stricter training and regulations for their careers. However, that doesn’t mean bus accidents are entirely inevitable.

When bus accidents of any kind happen, especially in a city such as Hialeah, Florida, there are many possible damages that can accumulate. From injuries, car and medical bills, and even death, bus accidents can be severe for everyone involved.

If you were recently involved in a bus accident, an attorney will be able to help you review your case to file your claim. A team of experts such as the ones at Frankl Kominsky Injury Lawyers can give you expert advice on how to proceed and what steps to take after reviewing all evidence.

Our attorneys serve the residents of Hialeah, Florida, and surrounding areas when they need a Hialeah Bus Accident Lawyer and have the experience to help you seek the extra compensation you deserve (by appointment only).

What Leads to Bus Accidents?

There is no specific reason as to why bus accidents occur. There can be a number of factors whether it is with another vehicle or a standstill object, damage can happen due to how large and heavy buses are. With Hialeah being a city in Florida, traffic on the roads can be a leading factor as to why these events happen.

Here are some common causes that lead to bus accidents.

  • The bus driver was not properly trained
  • Bus company negligence
  • Driver fatigue
  • Driver negligence
  • Blind spots
  • Left turn
  • Inclement weather
  • Another driver caused the accident
  • Bad bus maintenance

In order for people to drive buses, they have to be properly trained and hold the required license to use the vehicle on the road. There are also laws that bus companies have to follow for their drivers to prevent these incidents from happening.

For example, bus and truck drivers have to comply with only driving a certain amount of hours to prevent driver fatigue or falling asleep at the wheel. Unfortunately, some bus companies do not abide by these regulations, and their drivers may be urged to spend more time working.

Another reason why buses can be involved in accidents is due to their blind spots. Since buses are larger and longer than standard cars, they do not have the same sight that standard drivers have, so they can miss other cars on the road or hit them when they go to make turns.

Buses are also harder to operate during inclement weather. If it is snowing, icy, or raining outside, it can be more difficult for the driver to regain control of the vehicle, causing it to slip and hit someone else.

If you have experienced a bus accident of any kind, consult with a Hialeah Bus Accident Lawyer to review your options of how to exercise your rights.

Types of Bus Accidents

A bus accident of any kind can happen anywhere with anyone at any time. The bus itself involved in the accident can vary from a school bus, charter bus, transportation bus, and more.

Here are some bus accidents that may happen with a variety of other victims:

  • Bus-car
  • Bus-cyclist
  • Bus-pedestrian
  • Bus-motorcycle
  • School bus crossing
  • Illegal lane passing cars
  • Bus maintenance

It is imperative for bus drivers, motorcyclists, bicyclists, and other drivers to remain vigilant on the road for accident prevention.

Common Injuries from Bus Accidents

There can be many damages a victim can experience from a bus accident. These damages can be physical and/or mental injuries, in addition to other damages to vehicles.

Depending on the severity of the accident, a victim might have to face life-altering consequences. If a driver who is not at-fault was struck by a bus and experiences severe injuries, they have the potential to sue the driver or the company to make up for their losses resulting from the fault of the other driver.

Typical injuries a person may experience from a bus accident can include, but are not limited to:

  • Major or minor TBI
  • Internal bleeds
  • Skin burns
  • Cuts and scrapes
  • Whiplash
  • Amputations
  • Damage to ligaments
  • Herniated disks
  • Spinal injuries
  • Anxiety and depression
  • PTSD

If you are ever involved in a bus accident, severe or minor, it is imperative to be examined by medical professionals to rule out any health concerns and seek treatment for any injuries you may have incurred.

Some injuries can result in victims having to go to physical therapy for some time to relearn how to do everyday tasks if their injuries are that severe. Prolonged medical intervention can provide a hardship to a person and their family for numerous reasons. Mental anguish from a wreck, such as anxiety and PTSD, can also change how victims live their daily lives.

Injuries of all kinds from bus accidents should be taken seriously and given the correct treatment to heal.

Steps You Can Take After a Bus Accident

If you are ever in an accident involving a bus, there are steps you should take immediately after to ensure the proper measures are in place and the process of determining fault begins.

In Florida, it is a requirement for auto accident victims to call law enforcement to the scene. If you are able to do so, call 9-1-1 to report the accident and wait for them to arrive. The police will come out to the scene to speak to the victims and file a police report that describes the damages, as well as who appears to be primarily at fault.

The good news is that if you are not the at-fault driver, your attorney can use this report for your lawsuit or for your insurance settlement negotiations later on.

EMS will also arrive on scene, and you should not skip being medically observed. Not only can your attorney use the medical report that is on file in your case, but the medical professional can also help you determine if you have any major or minor injuries that need to be looked into further at the hospital.

Depending on the time of day your accident occurs and the severity of the injuries, you could be released to go home that afternoon. If you are, you may think you have to call your insurance company to file a claim to help recover any damages, but you should wait to do so until you’ve contacted a Hialeah Bus Accident Lawyer.

Speaking to your insurance before your attorney can be harmful to your case and reduce your settlement amount if you are not careful with what you say regarding the accident.

Most people wait to call an attorney until their insurance claim has been either denied or significantly reduced. Our professional opinion is to have a legal expert working with you from the beginning to prevent any possible issues with your claim.

If a Bus Hit Your Car, Do You Still Speak to Insurance First?

Florida is a modified-comparative state, which means fault in any kind of auto accident, including bus accidents, is dispersed among all victims. Since this rule is in place, victims are to go to their insurance company because Florida requires drivers to carry $10,000 in personal injury protection and property damage liability. This is the requirement for standard drivers, so insurance requirements for bus companies may differ.

People who are injured in a bus accident and need compensation to reimburse their medical bills have to file a claim for their PIP. However, just because the requirement is $10,000 does not mean you should expect to receive the whole amount.

Before you call your insurance representative, it is crucial that you hire a Hialeah Bus Accident Lawyer to help you file your claim. Your insurance representative will need to interview you first and investigate the validity of your claim by asking you a handful of questions about the accident.

If victims are not careful with what they say, this could pose risks to the claim that results in the claim being denied or you not receiving a fair offer. It is highly recommended that you speak to an attorney before contacting your insurance company.

When to Speak to a Bus Accident Lawyer

If you know a bus accident lawyer, you can immediately call them the same day of your wreck if you are able to and have the time. If not, you should speak to them about your claim the very next day or as soon as you’re able to.

Residents in Hialeah, Florida, who do not have an attorney will need to begin the search for a reputable lawyer to have on their side to offer the best advice.

How to Find a Bus Accident Lawyer

Are you someone who needs to search for a Hialeah Bus Accident Lawyer? The first step is researching firms near you.

While you start your search for a bus accident lawyer, you should look at the following elements to help you select the attorney you want to work with:

  • Reviews/reputation of the firm
  • Practice areas
  • Experience

These three areas should give you a good start. Look for a handful of firms you would be interested in speaking to through a consultation. Consultations are normally free and offer you the right amount of time to speak with a lawyer about your case.

During your consultation, ask about the following information to receive more information about each individual firm:

  • How long has the attorney been practicing?
  • What is their experience with bus accidents?
  • Have they handled similar cases?
  • What are their past successes?
  • How will they communicate with you throughout the process?
  • What resources do they use?
  • How do they prefer to be paid for their work?

You should feel highly confident in the attorney you select since they will be responsible for helping you seek additional compensation. Because of this, they should have a reputable background in handling bus accident cases successfully.

Once you have spoken with all of the firms on your list, use this information to help you determine which attorney is the right fit.

While you should take your time searching for an attorney, you should know that Florida has a two-year deadline for residents to file a claim. It is best to seek immediate action so this time does not slip by and risk causing you to lose traction in your claim.

What to Know About Your Claim

Your attorney will help you file a claim with your insurance company and use specific evidence such as police reports, medical records, and any photo documents to help you answer your insurance adjuster’s questions.

The best part about working with an attorney is that they can speak on your behalf. Instead of you unknowingly offering information that could be detrimental to your claim, a lawyer has precise knowledge in how to answer questions without inadvertently saying the wrong statement.

Your attorney can help negotiate a higher settlement with your insurance company if their initial offer is too low. If you need additional help on top of this settlement, your attorney can also help you determine if you meet the requirement to file a lawsuit against the bus driver or company.

Filing a lawsuit against a bus company can be difficult. You will need to file a personal injury claim that indicates your injuries were committed as a result of negligence, and your attorney will need to show sufficient evidence to prove the fault was on the bus driver or the company.

How Much Can You Receive in Compensation?

There is no set amount as to how much you can receive in compensation if you meet the requirements to file a lawsuit. How much you will be awarded depends on several factors such as the severity of the case, your incurred expenses, how negligent the other driver was, and pre-existing conditions before the accident.

Your attorney will be able to give you an indication as to how much you may be awarded as the case proceeds forward.

Damages You Can Potentially Recover

If your case makes it to court, the jury will review the evidence presented by your attorney to determine if you should receive compensation. Victims of bus accidents can potentially recover the following damages:

  • Mental suffering
  • Physical anguish
  • Wrongful death
  • Medical bills and treatments
  • On-going medical care
  • Lost wages from time off work
How Are Damages Reviewed in Court?

Factors will be reviewed in your case by the jury from before the wreck and after. They will look at your economic losses (physical damages that can be totaled up) and non-economic losses (non-physical factors such as mental suffering or the lasting impact).

The multiplier method could also be added to your settlement. The multiplier method is used by taking any number between one to five and using it to add more to your final reward depending on the severity of your case.

For example, if the jury were to total your economic and non-economic losses as $90,000 but uses the multiplier method to award a 4 for the severity, $90,000 will be multiplied by 4 to give you a grand total of $360,000. If you and your attorney have agreed to a contingency fee agreement (as most personal injury attorneys offer) you will only have to pay your attorney once and if you receive your final earnings. Therefore, if you agree to a contingency fee of 37%, you will owe $133,200 to your attorney, leaving you with $226,800 at the end of your case.

Discuss Your Negligence Claim with an Attorney

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