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Margate Personal Injury LawyersMargate is a beautiful city in Broward County, Florida, housing a diverse population of 50,000 people. It is a part of Broward County and has a water park and two renowned golf clubs for entertainment. There has been an influx of new residents and businesses into Margate because of the city’s affordable housing and generally reasonable prices in all aspects.

Margate also has some of the most dedicated attorneys in the state when it comes to addressing legal claims that are filed by its growing population. The city gets its fair share of personal injury cases on a regular basis. Our Personal Injury lawyers strive to get you the justice you deserve for the injuries you sustained as a result of another's actions.

At Frankl Kominsky Injury Lawyers, our legal team works hard to try to get you compensated for the losses you have borne as a result of your injuries. We strive to address that the responsible parties are held accountable and compensate you for your losses, medical expenses, lost wages and pain and suffering.

Our dedicated legal team is comprised of seasoned injury lawyers who are experienced in all aspects of personal injury and the litigation process. If you have been involved in an accident where you may have a personal injury claim, it is important to get a full medical evaluation. This will help support your claim for injuries when you bring a personal claim against the at-fault party.

If you have been injured in an accident, these hospitals are located in Margate and offer emergency services and treatment:

Contact an experienced injury lawyer who can help determine if you have a personal injury claim. At Frankl Kominsky, our seasoned trial attorneys will investigate the accident and if necessary, bring in an expert who could possibly recreate the accident scene. Our attorneys offer diligent legal representation to try to get you fair compensation for your injuries, medical bills, lost wages and other damages.

Personal Injury Cases We Handle

Personal injuries can result from a variety of different accidents. The most common causes of injuries include: car or auto accidents, slip and fall accidents, and workplace injuries. People sustain grave injuries from everyday accidents, which can result in hefty medical bills, lost workdays, and physical pain and suffering.

While accidents may be unavoidable, Florida law dictates that if you suffer injuries and anguish because of someone else’s recklessness or negligence, they may be held liable to pay your damages.

Fighting lawsuits against an at-fault party on your own might be too daunting and complicated; thus, you should have a dedicated lawyer by your side that can represent you in court, guide you through the legalities, and assist you in getting a fair amount of compensation for your losses.

Frankl Kominsky's personal injury attorneys are greatly experienced and dedicated when it comes to handling personal injury claims. If you or your loved one has suffered an injury, contact Frankl Kominsky for comprehensive legal advice and guidance on how to proceed. Some of the injury cases we handle are:

Car / Auto-Related Accidents

Auto accidents injure and claim the lives of thousands of people in Margate every year. As the number of cars and other vehicles on the roads increases, so do unfortunate accidents. If you are involved in a car or auto-related accident, your personal injury attorney might not only be able to obtain compensation for your personal injury (bodily injury), but also for your damaged vehicle (property damage claim).

While car accidents are many, most cars are now made to be more survivable in case of car crashes. So while the death toll from car accidents has significantly dropped over the years, people still escape with grave injuries, wounds, and often, lifelong disabilities. The treatments prescribed commonly involve surgical operations and expensive pain medication, not to mention therapy and rehabilitation.

Common causes of car accidents are human recklessness and error, including driving while drowsy, driving under the influence, driving while texting, not paying attention to the blind spots, and inattentiveness. A moment of inattentiveness on a driver’s part can cause disastrous road accidents that can impact multiple lives. If you have been unfortunate enough to be involved in such an accident, know that you can file a personal injury claim against the driver and claim for damages such as your medical bills and physical pain.

Car accidents sometimes occur because of a vehicle’s brakes failing or an engine malfunction. In such cases, you can even file a third-person liability case against the manufacturer of the car, and prove that their inability to comply with the strict standards of the auto industry caused the accident and your injuries.

Motorcycle Accidents

Speeding motorcycles are capable of causing serious injuries, such as head wounds from being knocked to the ground, broken bones and fractures, and bleeding wounds and scratches that might result in infection if not treated. The expensive medical treatments are paid out of your own pockets, even though you may not have been at fault.

Similar to an auto-accident case, you can file a lawsuit for personal injury if the accident occurred because of the driver’s fault, and get compensated for your damages. While monetary compensation might not mean much to you for the pain that has been caused to you, the money awarded in compensatory damages might help you recover your medical expenses.

Slip and Fall Injuries

Some would be surprised to find that slip and falls are the most common reason for injuries and even deaths around the globe. Slipping and tripping at the wrong time, from the wrong place, can cause you to lose your life. If you are lucky enough to escape with your life, you might suffer serious injuries, from internal bleeding, concussions, and nerve damage, to broken limbs, fractured bones, spine injuries, and temporary or permanent disabilities.

Slip and fall accidents can occur anywhere through no fault of anyone. A roofer working on a ladder, a waiter slipping on a wet, freshly mopped floor, or a construction worker falling off high buildings due to there not being any fencing.

If you are injured as a result of a slip and fall accident, someone should be held accountable. Hire a personal injury lawyer to file a personal injury claim on your behalf.

Wrongful Death or Accidental Death

Often, people are not lucky enough to escape with an injury, no matter how grave. Sometimes, victims end up losing their lives due to these accidents, and it could be disastrous for their families and loved ones. In such cases, the deceased’s family members can file a wrongful death claim and hold the people or authorities responsible for the carelessness that caused the loss of a human life.

Medical malpractice, unsafe working conditions, and the use of a substandard product can all result in the untimely and wrongful death of a person, and the responsible parties are liable to pay the victim’s family for not only the medical, funeral, and burial expenses, but also for the mental pain, anguish, and loss of companionship that the death has caused the family of the deceased.

Truck Accidents

Trucks and other heavy vehicles are capable of causing a lot of destruction. Because of their size and weight, truck accidents can often result in severe injuries and even death. Being involved in a truck accident can result in potential brain damage or physical disabilities, heavy medical fees, and extensive and invasive surgeries as a consequence. Personal injuries sustained as a result of truck accidents can also be compensated through a personal injury claim.

Workplace Injuries

Any injury that you sustain while you’re on the job is a workplace injury. These could include brain damage from falling off a construction site, a machine malfunctioning, causing you to get stuck in the machine, or carpal tunnel syndrome from typing too much.

Most employers are protected against such lawsuits (with exceptions) because business owners are required to purchase Workers Compensation, which is insurance intended to cover any injuries that the worker might have sustained on the job. Worker’s Compensation allows employees to get the medical attention and rehabilitation they need without having to pay out of their own pockets.

Who is Responsible for My Injury?

You cannot just file a personal injury lawsuit against anybody you please. Like with any other legal matter, you need evidence and proof that the other person was at fault and responsible for your accident and injuries.

You need to establish the fault of the accused party, to show the court and convince them that the accused did violate the duty of care. Duty of care refers to the responsibility of every citizen towards each other so that their actions do not harm others. When a person gets behind the wheel of a car, he has a duty of care towards other vehicles, drivers, and pedestrians on the roads. If someone’s negligence caused you harm, they may be held liable to compensate you for the damages they caused you.

Establishing fault can be tricky in a court of law, and certainly not something you can do on your own. An experienced personal injury lawyer will try to investigate the incident and the injuries, collect evidence from police and medical reports, as well as eye-witness statements, and will try to build your case proving that you are indeed the victim of someone else’s negligence or recklessness.

If you were injured as a result of someone else’s negligence, there are a couple of things you may choose to do:

Having sustained injuries, your first priority should be to visit a hospital. There are several renowned hospitals in Margate, FL, such as Northwest Medical Centre and MD Now Urgent Care. Both these hospitals have capable doctors who will examine your injuries and make a medical record of your condition. Even if there are no apparent injuries after being involved in an accident, you should visit a doctor as you might have sustained internal injuries that you might not be aware of yet.

After you have been cleared by the hospital, your next stop should be the police station. Margate’s police are friendly and accommodating, so give a proper, detailed description of the accident so that they can make a record of it. The sooner you report it to the police, the greater the chances that they can collect evidence of the accident.

Next you should contact a personal injury lawyer serving Margate. We strive to pursue fair and full compensation for your suffering, while you recover from your injuries.

What Damages Can I claim for in a Personal Injury?
  • Medical Expenses
    Getting injuries treated can be costly. Whether it is getting medication to manage your pain or preventing infection, physical therapy, or even surgery, the medical bills will be sure to make a dent in your bank account. The compensation should at least assist with your medical bills and expenses, such as costs of doctor visits, MRIs, x-rays, rehabilitation, or surgery. It also includes the expense of past and future treatment and prescriptions.
  • Therapy and Rehabilitation
    Accidents can leave you physically and mentally affected. You might need physical or mental therapy and rehabilitation to speed up your recovery.
  • Vehicle or Home Modifications to Accommodate a Disability
    If your accident has left you with a permanent disability, you might need to make adjustments to your life and living space, such as wheelchair-friendly ramps. These are additional costs that come with a disability that should be paid off by the responsible party.
  • Current and Future Lost Wages
    The time you spend out of work, getting treatment, or recovering from your injuries is costing you more as you are unable to earn during that period. The compensation should cover the wages and earnings you’re losing out on as a result of the accident.
  • Loss of Earning Capacity
    The recovery period could be undefined for some injuries. The surgeries and medication might leave people limited to bed rest for months at a time. More serious injuries could prevent the person from working in the same capacity ever again. There should be some security in exchange for the potential earnings the person could have made, had the accident never occurred.
Personal Injury vs. Wrongful Death

A personal injury claim, handled by personal injury lawyers, strives to award you compensation for damages, which can depend on the severity and gravity of your injuries. Personal injury claims aim to compensate you for the injuries sustained and intend to equip with at least enough to pay for the current and future treatments of the injuries and any subsequent therapy and rehabilitation costs associated with the injuries.

Personal injuries include whiplash, neck and back injuries, herniated discs, cuts and bruises, nerve damage, fractured limbs, vision and hearing impairment, and traumatic brain injury or spinal cord damages and disabilities, in the more serious cases. Personal injury claims may compensate you for the physical damage and harm that you went through and also account for the toll that the accident may have taken on your mental health and well-being.

Sometimes, in more unfortunate cases, people do not survive the accident. Whether they die instantly or succumb to the fatal wounds after fighting for their lives in the hospital, it qualifies as wrongful death, referring to a person’s untimely and unfair death caused by the direct action of an individual or party.

Wrongful death claims, unlike personal injury ones, pay for more than just the physical and financial harm they brought to the family of the deceased. They also intend to cover for the emotional turmoil and anguish that the victim’s family and loved ones are suffering as a result of the deceased’s untimely passing. The grieving family of the deceased can claim damages such as financial suffering, emotional trauma, medical and funeral expenses, and the potential years in life expectancy and companionship that are taken away as a result of the actions of the guilty party.

Whether you are filing for personal injuries to yourself or for the undue death of a loved one, Frankl Kominsky has lawyers that can try to pursue fair compensation for what you are owed.

Benefits of Hiring a Personal Injury Lawyer

Frankl Kominsky Injury Lawyers have over 40 years of combined legal experience handling accident and injury claims.

Our accident and injury lawyers have helped over 6,000 clients recover from their injuries while recovering them over $100 million in settlements and verdicts. If you or a loved one were injured in a car crash, motorcycle accident, truck accident, or a slip and fall misfortune, let our legal team handle your personal injury claim and help you get your life back on track.

For those who have suffered a personal injury because of the negligence of others, contact Frankl Kominsky’s team of personal injury attorneys. For a Free Consultation with our Injury Lawyers, call (954) 998-0835. We offer free in-home and hospital visits and standby our client services guidelines.

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I have had experience in the past using other attorneys and law firms however the attorneys and staff at Frankl Kominsky are by far the best experience I have ever had. Thank you for everything this law firm has done. I recommend this law firm to everyone. By Bruce
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Mr. Frankl came very highly recommended by two separate peers. I had a handful of lawyers to choose from and I chose him. He moved quick, no nonsense, and very effective. Before I knew it everything was handled and I had a serious burden lifted. If I ever have a problem again, I am going straight to him. It is that simple. By Kelly
I called Mr. Frankl and his firm about a motorcycle accident case and he helped me through the entire process. Mr. Frankl made me feel like my situation mattered to him and didn't treatment me like just another file in a file cabinet. He is smart, energetic and a true fighter. I am glad to call him my lawyer and I highly recommend Frankl Kominsky for your personal injury case. By A Personal Injury Client
Mr. Frankl was such an asset to have on my team while I picked up the pieces following an accident. Right from the beginning he assisted handling the insurance companies, rental car companies, auto body shops, police reports, it was incredible. His guidance allowed me to focus on the most important thing and that was my medical condition & recovery. Should you find yourself in this unfortunate situation do yourself a favor & trust this man & his expertise. By Damon