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Ocala Bus Accident LawyersBus drivers tend to have far more experience behind the wheel than the average motorist, but they’re certainly not immune to accidents. Hundreds of people die and thousands are injured each year in bus crashes around the U.S. Those who survive are often left wondering how they will cover their medical bills and lost wages.

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Types of Cases Our Accident Attorneys Handle

There are many factors that contribute to bus accidents and a variety of reasons why the insurance company or opposing party might dispute your claim. It is important that you hire a skilled personal injury lawyer who has the knowledge, resources, and experience to navigate through the unique complexities of your particular case.

The accident lawyers at Frankl Kominsky are prepared to assist you with your Ocala Bus Accident Claim. We will conduct a thorough investigation into your crash to try to identify all liable parties, account for the damages you and your family have incurred, and try to gather the evidence needed to try and prove your claim. We are available to handle all types of bus accident cases including:

  • School bus accidents;
  • Collisions involving public buses;
  • Collisions involving airport shuttles;
  • Public transportation accidents;
  • Charter and tour bus accidents;
  • Passenger van accidents;
  • Bus accidents due to road hazards;
  • Collisions involving distracted or impaired bus drivers;
  • Bus accidents involving pedestrians; and
  • Injuries sustained due to unsafe conditions on a bus.
Can I Bring a Claim Against the Bus Company?

There are certain scenarios when a bus company can be held liable for injuries sustained in an accident. Even if there are waivers of liability and legal limitations printed on your ticket, they might not necessarily preclude you from bringing a claim.

Bringing a claim against a private bus company tends to be easier than bringing a claim against a public transit driver because determining liability after a public transit crash can be more challenging. Also, the concept of sovereign immunity limits the liability of public transit drivers and imposes time limits and other restrictions on claims. Though this does not prohibit you from bringing a claim against a public transit driver, it does make the process slightly more complicated.

Bus companies have a duty to take reasonable measures to ensure passengers are safe while in transit. A company may be considered negligent if it fails to anticipate hazards or maintain safety features on the bus. A bus company may also be held liable if a problematic passenger distracts the driver or jeopardizes the safety of others—for example, by blocking exits with belongings. This duty extends to drivers on the road and pedestrians.

Some injuries that occur on buses have nothing to do with accidents. For instance, passengers may fall due to defective railing grips, or they might endure severe injuries if the windows are non-safety glass. These issues could give rise to products liability claims. Victims might be able to recover not only against the bus company but also against other entities, such as the company that installed the seats, a negligent mechanic, or the company that performed the most recent safety inspection.

It is also possible for a hazardous condition inside a bus to cause injuries. For example, steps and aisles that are not properly maintained could become slick and cause a passenger to slip. Falls can result in life-threatening injuries that require extensive medical treatment. If you were injured in a slip and fall on a bus, the bus company may be liable for your damages.

Sometimes buses are involved in single-vehicle accidents, which can be just as catastrophic as collisions involving multiple vehicles. Due to their high center of gravity, buses are more prone to rollovers than smaller cars. This type of accident often occurs when a bus driver travels too fast for the conditions and loses control. Rollover wrecks can be especially devastating since passengers on buses usually are not wearing safety restraints. An impact with windows, the ceiling of the bus, other people, or loose objects can result in severe injuries. The attorneys at Frankl Kominsky can help you bring a claim after a single-vehicle bus accident.

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