Paraquat Herbicide Lawsuit

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What Is Paraquat?

Paraquat is a herbicide used to kill weeds and plants that is very toxic to come in contact with. It is a very potent chemical that holds a blue color dye and pungent smell to distinguish it from other elements easily. Only certain people can use Paraquat because it is so toxic and dangerous. In fact, it is so dangerous that a single sip can kill an adult. Because of its toxicity, only certified commercial licensed professionals are able to get ahold of it.

What Is the Paraquat Lawsuit?

Individuals are filing claims against the manufacturer that produces Paraquat, including its main producer, Syngenta, for not properly warning the public about the link to Parkinson’s disease. While case studies have been performed dating back to the 1980’s demonstrating how this herbicide is directly linked to Parkinson’s that developed in individuals with frequent exposure, the herbicide has continued to sell without proper warnings.

Paraquat was released in the 1960’s for agriculture farming, but it wasn’t until two decades later that the repercussions of exposure began to be revealed. It was eventually determined through research in 2009 that the risk of developing Parkinson’s went up by 75% when exposed within 1,500 feet.

What Is Parkinson’s Disease?

Parkinson’s Disease is an incurable attack on the nervous system that causes limited control of your movement. Its effect on your body significantly grows and worsens over the years. While there is no known cure at the moment, there is medication and treatment available to those diagnosed with the disease.

When Parkinson’s begins to develop, it starts to break down neurons in the brain until they eventually die. These neurons are responsible for producing dopamine, a chemical in the brain that acts as a messenger for controlling body movements. When these neurons break down and die, it leads to impaired abnormal movements.

Many studies have shown the link long-term exposure has between Paraquat and Parkinson’s Disease. Starting out, you may experience tremors in your hands and fingers that begin to slow down over time along with your movement.

More effects of Parkinson’s Disease include:

  • Stiff muscles
  • Interrupted balance and posture
  • Loss of unconscious movement (blinking/smiling/natural swaying)
  • Changes in speech
  • Changes in writing

Normal body functions will begin to decrease when PD prolongs and settles more into your body. As a result, your entire way of life can be severely altered, making it difficult to perform normal daily routines.

Early Signs Of Parkinson’s Disease

Parkinson’s Disease is usually found in elderly people 60 years of age or older. It can also be hereditary and found more commonly in men.

If you are a farmer or work in agriculture, the toxins in Paraquat may cause Parkinson’s to settle in much earlier.

Have you been exposed to Paraquat frequently? Here are some early indicators you could be developing Parkinson’s in relation to the herbicide:

  • Slight tremors
  • Smaller handwriting
  • Trouble walking (stiff body/feet feeling stuck)
  • Soft voice inflection
  • Hunching posture
  • Facial masking (appearing mad or sad when you aren’t feeling that way)
  • Unusual sleep patterns
  • Confusion
  • Muscle contractions
Treatments To Help PD

Unfortunately, there is no cure for Parkinson’s. However, there are medications and treatments available to help with symptoms. There are eight main medications for treating PD that your doctor may prescribe you.

The medication you may be prescribed is to help with your movements, walking, and tremors. It can also serve as a dopamine substitute or increase the amount of dopamine you have left.

Other treatments include surgical procedures such as Deep Brain Stimulation (DBS). DBS is where electrodes are implanted on a certain part of your brain and connected to a chest generator. The chest generator will send electrical pulses to your brain to help prevent PD symptoms from occurring or worsening.

What To Do If You Notice Symptoms of PD

If you’re a farmer or someone who has been exposed to Paraquat and has oncoming PD symptoms, you should see a medical provider immediately. Seeing your doctor can help diagnose you to begin treatments and discover the root of the cause. If it is determined that exposure to Paraquat is the leading culprit, you can file a claim to seek compensation for help covering your medical bills and pay for emotional pain and quality of life lost.

Who Is Most At Risk For Parkinson’s Linked To Paraquat?

Since Paraquat is not available for everyday use, only commercially licensed professionals have access to the herbicide. Paraquat is mostly used for farming and agriculture, which means individuals who live on farms and within 1,500 of where the herbicide was used are at risk for developing Parkinson’s due to exposure.

What Is The Status Of Paraquat-Filed Lawsuits?

Claims against Syngenta have been filed since as early as 2016. As of June 2021, there have been 90 filed claims stating that Paraquat has caused Parkinson’s Disease in its inhabitants or other diseases such as kidney disease. The number of lawsuits filed against Syngenta continues to grow, and the first trial has been scheduled for this year.

How To Find Out If You’re Eligible For A Claim

If you believe you might be eligible for a claim, now is the time to speak to a legal professional. Seeking the guidance of a trustworthy lawyer in Florida can help you seek the monetary reward you deserve for the onset of the painful mental and physical symptoms of PD caused by Paraquat. You may also be eligible for compensation due to the stress this has put on your family.

The right Florida lawyer can review your claim and instruct you on your next steps to start building a strong case against Syngenta.

How To Get Started Filing Your Claim

If you or someone you know may be eligible for a monetary reward after developing Parkinson’s from Paraquat, the first step is to connect with a lawyer. Free consultations offered by Frankl & Kominsky Injury Lawyers help review your current standing and what you should seek in a fair settlement.

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