Slip and Fall at Bravo Supermarket in Ocala

Slip and Fall

Slip and fall accidents in business establishments such as the Bravo Supermarket in Ocala are among the most common causes for personal injury claims in the USA. In a split second an innocent customer’s whole life can change because of a staff member’s failure to warn patrons of an onsite hazard such as spilt milk, or an uneven surface.

Have you been a victim of a slip and fall incident at a supermarket like the Bravo Supermarket in Ocala? If the answer is yes, then call the experienced Florida injury attorneys at Frankl Kominsky to schedule a free consultation today at 352-800-800. Our slip and fall lawyers serve the Ocala area, and strive to accurately pursue your case with the necessary legal analysis so that you can potentially receive the compensation you deserve.

Our Florida injury lawyers are on call 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to discuss your slip and fall case. The lawyers at Frankl Kominsky are veterans in personal injury law and may have the answers to any pressing questions you undoubtedly have on your mind during the aftermath of a debilitating slip and fall incident.

There is absolutely no mistaking that slip and fall injuries are a serious concern and specialized legal representation is encouraged when filing an injury lawsuit. Please keep reading to learn how the premises liability lawyers at Frankl Kominsky, serving the Ocala area, can try to minimize the unavoidable burdens that a slip and fall victim will inevitably face.

Ways a Florida personal injury lawyer can try to prove your Ocala slip and fall case

It is no secret that slip and fall injuries can include broken bones, fractures, spinal cord injuries, head and brain injuries, bruising and swelling. In some cases injuries may lead to paralysis or even worse, death. All of these injuries and more are for the most part visible to the eye. But, when pursuing an injury claim it is crucial to investigate injuries that may not be physically noticeable as well as the short and long-term effects of slip and fall injuries.

Some of the less noticeable injuries a personal injury attorney may consider when preparing a slip and fall injury claim include the following:

  • Nerve damage;
  • Weakened bones and muscles;
  • Memory loss;
  • Dizziness;
  • Fatigue;
  • Organ damage;
  • Bone infections;
  • Chronic pain and suffering.

The Florida slip and fall lawyers at Frankl Kominsky will work tirelessly to try to obtain expert medical evaluations, reports and case studies to try to establish that your painful slip and fall injuries exist far beyond what the human eye can see.

Below are the types of evidence we will use to try to prove your slip and fall injuries:

  • Photographic documentation of injuries;
  • Expert medical verifications and analysis;
  • The victims personal journals used to document any pain and suffering;
  • Medical and prescription records; and,
  • Testimonies from work colleagues and associates;

At Frankl Kominsky we know that unexpected health issues along with extreme financial losses are often a harsh reality for many victims of an unfortunate premises liability case. This is why our injury attorneys strive to work vigorously to file your case against business establishments like the Bravo Supermarket in Ocala and try to obtain the compensation you deserve.

When to file your slip and fall claim

In Florida the amount of time a slip and fall victim has to file their premises liability lawsuit according to the 2018 Florida Statutes is within two years of the incident taking place. This may seem like a sufficient amount of time to file a successful claim against Bravo Supermarket or any other business establishment however, you should file your claim and hold the business liable as soon as possible.

From tampering evidence to interrogating the hurt victims, the Florida personal injury attorneys at Frankl Kominsky know the extent insurance companies and business establishments could possibly go in order to dispute a slip and fall case. At Frankl Kominsky, our attorneys have the skills and experience to try to tackle challenging insurers and Ocala store owners so you don’t have to.

If you have been the victim of a slip and fall incident the first thing you must do as a matter of urgency is call a doctor, and have them attend to your injuries. Then once your health has improved do not hesitate to call a personal injury attorney as soon as physically possible. If you wait too long to seek professional legal advice your medical bills, and lost wages will undeniably begin to pile up and those who are liable for damages may start to use the time to possibly tamper with, or potentially even destroy key evidence that could be used to support your claim.

The very thought of having your whole world turned upside down because of a sudden slip and fall accident can be hard to comprehend but sadly accidents do happen and when they happen it is important to be prepared. The lawyers at Frankl Kominsky serve the Ocala area and pride themselves on striving to be both diligent and efficient when filing a slip and fall lawsuit. We encourage all our clients to focus on their health, loved ones and emotional well-being while we promptly focus on the legalities surrounding your slip and fall case.

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Rest assured that the experienced Florida slip and fall attorneys at Frankl Kominsky will support you every step of the way. We confidently pursue slip and fall cases for our clients and try to obtain the successful settlements they deserve.

Following a slip and fall injury at Bravo Supermarket in Ocala or any other supermarket, you most likely have a number of questions you would like to ask an injury attorney. The slip and fall lawyers at Frankl Kominsky can answer all your questions and strive to provide Ocala slip and fall victims comprehensive legal advice during every stage of the legal procedure. Call us today at 352-800-8000 or Contact Us Online for a free consultation.

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