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Daytona Beach Slip & Fall LawyersFalls are one of the leading causes of unintentional injury deaths in the United States. For those who survive slip and fall accidents, the road to recovery can be painful and expensive. Diagnostic imaging, surgeries, and rehabilitation can cost a small fortune, but you may be able to recover these losses as well as non-economic damages by filing a personal injury claim.

The slip and fall attorneys at Frankl Kominsky can calculate your damages, gather evidence, and help you try to fight for a fair settlement for your Daytona Beach Slip and Fall Claim. We understand how devastating the aftermath of a serious fall can be, and we know what's at stake for you and your family. With decades of combined experience, our personal injury lawyers are available to try and guide you through the claims process. Schedule a free initial consultation today by calling 386-227-5219.

How Soon Should I Hire a Slip and Fall Attorney Serving Daytona Beach?

After being seriously injured in a trip or slip and fall accident, your health should be your top priority. Seeking immediate medical care could improve the outcome of your treatment and put you in a better position to bring a claim for your medical bills and other accident-related expenses.

Once your health has stabilized, you should contact a slip and fall lawyer right away for a case evaluation. Seeking legal counsel at the earliest point in time is especially important after slip and fall accidents because CCTV camera footage may be erased, and the hazard that caused your injuries could be fixed. Without this evidence, it may be more challenging to prove negligence and liability.

At Frankl Kominsky, we know that time is of the essence in any personal injury claim. Our legal team will perform an immediate investigation into your accident, try to compile evidence of liability and damages, talk to witnesses, and take other steps to try to strengthen your claim before heading into settlement negotiations.

Besides gathering evidence before it becomes unavailable, we will also handle all correspondence with insurance adjusters. It is likely that you will get a phone call from the liable party's insurance company within days of your accident. This phone call may be recorded, in which case anything you say may possibly be used to dispute your claim.

The lawyers at Frankl Kominsky will serve as your legal advocates through the entire claims process-handling dialogue with the insurance company, tracking your damages, and helping you and your family try to fight for the compensation you deserve.

How Much Is My Slip and Fall Case Worth?

The injuries suffered in slip and fall accidents can be debilitating. Broken hips, brain trauma, fractured bones, back injuries, soft tissue damage-any of these injuries can cost thousands to treat and leave you sidelined from work for weeks or even months. In severe cases, slip and fall victims can never return to the same profession.

The value of your claim depends on many factors. No attorney can promise a specific outcome for your case, but the premises liability lawyers at Frankl Kominsky can try to make sure your claim includes all potentially recoverable damages. Besides medical bills, lost income, and reduced earning capacity, you may be entitled to non-economic damages such as pain and suffering, emotional distress, loss of enjoyment in life, and physical impairment.

Proving damages is an important element in any personal injury claim. You should expect the defendant and insurance company to look for reasons to dispute the value of your claim, so it is critical that you do not say or do anything that would bring the severity of your injuries into question. Keep these tips in mind:

  • Do not speak to the insurance adjuster or defendant without your slip and fall attorney's permission;
  • Do not accept a settlement offer without your attorney's permission;
  • Do not miss any doctor's appointments;
  • Follow all of your doctor's instructions; and
  • Do not publish photos of yourself on social media or post anything about your case. In fact, it's best to stay off social networking websites until your claim has been settled.
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The slip and fall lawyers at Frankl Kominsky are available to help victims of personal injury and wrongful death pursue justice and the compensation they deserve. Call our office today at 386-227-5219 or Contact Us Online to arrange a free case evaluation.

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I have had experience in the past using other attorneys and law firms however the attorneys and staff at Frankl Kominsky are by far the best experience I have ever had. Thank you for everything this law firm has done. I recommend this law firm to everyone. By Bruce
This was an amazing injury law firm. Steven and his staff was available when I needed him and were always following up with me. I felt very fortunate that I found them. It is true that this law firm will never settle for less! I fully recommend this law firm to anyone that needs a hardworking and results oriented law firm. By Consuelo
Mr. Frankl came very highly recommended by two separate peers. I had a handful of lawyers to choose from and I chose him. He moved quick, no nonsense, and very effective. Before I knew it everything was handled and I had a serious burden lifted. If I ever have a problem again, I am going straight to him. It is that simple. By Kelly
I called Mr. Frankl and his firm about a motorcycle accident case and he helped me through the entire process. Mr. Frankl made me feel like my situation mattered to him and didn't treatment me like just another file in a file cabinet. He is smart, energetic and a true fighter. I am glad to call him my lawyer and I highly recommend Frankl Kominsky for your personal injury case. By A Personal Injury Client
Mr. Frankl was such an asset to have on my team while I picked up the pieces following an accident. Right from the beginning he assisted handling the insurance companies, rental car companies, auto body shops, police reports, it was incredible. His guidance allowed me to focus on the most important thing and that was my medical condition & recovery. Should you find yourself in this unfortunate situation do yourself a favor & trust this man & his expertise. By Damon