Slip and Fall at Publix Grocery Store in Gainesville

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Publix Grocery Stores in Gainesville and other business establishments that are similar are dedicated to upholding a suitable level of care for all of their patrons. But, the slightest mishap on behalf of a staff member can result in horrific consequences. If you have been victim to a slip and fall at a business establishment like a Publix Grocery Store in Gainesville you may be able to file a claim against the business owner for potential damages that arise from your unfortunate accident.

Most of us probably experienced our first slip and fall as a child learning to walk. But, as an adult, if you have slipped, tripped and fallen on concrete, dangerous liquid, uneven surfaces, or a damaged stairwell the consequences could be life threatening. At Frankl Kominsky, our slip and fall attorneys work around the clock to provide our trusted clients with experienced legal guidance.

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Continue reading to learn more about the slip and fall damages you might be able to recover, and the types of evidence you may need to prove that the business establishment like a Publix Grocery Store in Gainesville could be liable for your personal injuries.

Evidence that can be used to Support your Claim and Recover Damages

In order to receive a possible settlement for your slip and fall incident you will need to establish that the business establish acted with negligence. The business establishment must have had actual knowledge or constructive knowledge of the defect or hazardous condition that caused your slip and fall injuries.

Our Florida injury attorneys will thoroughly assess your case and try to collect key evidence that could potentially help establish the business establishment may have acted with negligence. At Frankl Kominsky we try to find the types of evidence that might faultlessly support your case, and have recovered over $100 million in combined settlements and verdicts for our clients. Evidence that we will look for to try to help verify your slip and fall claim includes but is not limited to the following:

  • Witness testimonies: Our talented team of injury lawyers strive to successfully track down any individuals who may have been in the store at the time of your incident and watched your accident take place. Even if you do not believe there were any eyewitness accounts, you may be surprised by the amount of people who may come forward once approached.
  • Proof of the hazards regular occurrence: According to the Florida law 2018 statutes if the hazard occurred often and was therefore “foreseeable” then the grocery store should have tried to take the necessary steps to remove the hazard and prevent a slip and fall accident. If the business establishment was competent in their risk assessment then your accident may never have happened.
  • Video footage: The beauty of today's modern world is that because of smartphones, a video camera is always at our fingertips. Aside from evaluating any available surveillance footage we will also try to explore any material that may have been recorded by onlookers, or even yourself in regards to the accident and slip and fall hazard.
  • Evidence of activities you were unable to do: Sadly, a slip and fall injury can prevent you from participating in important occasions that are essential to your quality of life. For instance, perhaps you were unable to board the flight to your dream holiday destination that you had worked so hard for due to injuries from a store owner’s negligence. You may be eligible for compensation for the events you missed out on because of a business establishment’s failure to maintain a suitable level of care.
  • Proof of lost wages: If you were unable to work because of your slip, trip and fall injuries you can potentially receive compensation for your lost earnings. Our slip and fall attorneys will assist you in documenting your lost wages you might have incurred as an employee or business owner because of your sudden accident by accumulating evidence such as tax returns, invoices, and pay slips.
  • Medical bills: This may seem like an obvious damage to recover. But, our highly skilled injury lawyers will not only try to determine the damages for the medical bills you acquired because of the accident but also any future medical costs that may arise from long-term injuries.
  • Additional bills: If you have been faced any other expenses because of your untimely injury then rest assured we will try to recover your expenses. Additional damages might possibly include renovations needed on your home to accommodate for any immobility, expenses related to replacing personal belongings that may have been damaged during your slip and fall accident, and even transportation costs.

A slip and fall can be debilitating in a number of ill-fated ways. But, at Frankl Kominsky you can put your mind to rest and recover in peace knowing that we strive to always be one step ahead of the business establishment where your accident occurred and their insurance representative.

The aftermath of a slip and fall accident can be a potentially overwhelming and exhausting time for you and your loved ones. An injured victim might have a long list of steps to action in order to proceed with an injury claim so they can move on with their life. But, the sooner you contact our experienced Florida personal injury lawyers, the sooner we can help lighten your load and begin investigating your claim and try to accumulate crucial evidence. There should be no reason for a suffering personal injury victim to focus on anything but their health and well being. Our slip and fall lawyers strive to understand this and will try to pursue your case not only diligently but also compassionately.

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