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Pompano Beach is an adorable beach city located in Broward County, Florida. According to a census taken in 2010, the city has a growing population of over 99,000 residents who enjoy the local attractions, restaurants, and community events such as the Pompano Beach Seafood Festival, Holiday Parade, and Kester Cottages.

When is a Property Owner Responsible?

As the population continues to rise, Pompano Beach has attracted many businesses, distribution centers, and manufacturers to setup operations, some of which include Publix Distribution Center, Aetna RX Home Delivery, Pompano Masonry, and the Associated Grocers of Florida.

According to the Florida Health Department, an average of 26,000 individuals were injured in a slip, trip, stumble, fall accident in Florida. The most common cause for a slip, trip, or fall accident involved:

  • Surfaces that were wet, slippery, or oily
  • Loose objects on the floor or cluttered walkways
  • Loose or torn carpeting
  • Wiring that was not properly secured
  • Broken or Chipped Tiles
  • Broken or Uneven Pavement or Concrete
  • Poorly lit areas or lack of lighting
  • Colliding with another person, object or structure
  • Falling off a ladder, scaffolding, building, stairs
  • Broken, loose or missing guardrails or handlebars
  • Uneven or narrow stairways
  • Negligent Cleaning Practices or Poor Housekeeping
  • Dangerous Surfaces
  • Spills or Flooding
  • Wet Floors or Newly Polished, Mopped or Waxed Floors
  • Tripping Hazards

Did you know that falling off a ladder, a building or by colliding with another person or solid object are the second leading cause of injuries in Florida?

Serious Injuries Sustained in A Slip and Fall Accident?

Fractured or Broken Bones: symptoms of a fractured or broken bone includes severe pain which worsens with movement or pressure

Head injuries, Fractured Skull, Concussions, and Traumatic Brain Injuries: early symptoms of a traumatic brain injury include loss of consciousness, confusion, or being disoriented, headaches, nausea, problems with speech, or loss of balance

Injuries to the Spinal Cord: if left untreated, a spinal cord injury could lead to paralysis, paraplegia or quadriplegia

Dislocated Shoulder, Knee, or Hip: Obvious deformity or out-of-place shoulder, Inability to move the joint, Swelling or bruising, Intense pain

Types of Slip and Fall Injury Claims We Handle in Broward County
  • Slip and Falls accidents at someone’s home or a Private Residences or Homes
  • Slip or Fall accidents at a Grocery Store, Department Store, Shopping Outlet or Shopping Center
  • Slip and Fall Accidents at a Restaurant, Hotels, Nightclubs, Casino, Hotel
  • Slip and Fall Injuries at a University, School, Park, Sports Stadium, Conference Center
  • Slip and Fall Accidents at a Gas Stations, Parking Garage or Parking Lots
  • Slip and Fall Accidents at a Amusement Park or Entertainment Venue
What Will Being Injured In A Slip and Fall Accident Cost You?

Let’s say you are a member at your local gym and slip and fall from a leak, moisture or an oily substance in the weight room.

Here is an estimate of what a broken arm could cost you without insurance: Without insurance, surgical treatment of a broken arm typically costs $16,000, which does not include:

  • Emergency Room Visit: $1,000 - $2,000
  • X-Rays: $190 - $1,000
  • Arm Splint: $200- $250
Why You Should Hire A Pompano Beach Slip and Fall Lawyer

If you have been hurt or injured while on private property such as a gym, grocery or department store, gas station, or someone’s home, you may have a right to file a slip and fall claim to compensate you for medical expenses, pain and suffering, and lost wages.

At Frankl & Kominsky, our slip and fall attorneys provide diligent legal representation, meticulous case management, and phenomenal client services. We have represented more than 7,000 injured clients throughout Florida. Now, we are ready to help you. Get Started with Our Free Consultation by calling 954-627-1661 today.

In Broward County, what damages can you recover after a Slip and Fall accident?
  • Medical bills and expenses related to the accident and injury. This could include emergency transportation to the hospital via ambulance or flight, cost of treatment at the emergency room, urgent care or your primary care physician, chiropractic treatments, MRIs, and prescription medication.
  • Extended Medical Care, Rehabilitation and Custom Accessibility which includes home health care, wheelchairs, walkers, in-home lifts, long-term care facilities, and home renovation for accessibility.
  • Lost wages and Loss of Future Income including time missed from work to seek medical treatment, follow up doctor appointments, MRIs and more.
  • Short Term and Long Term Disability
  • Expenses related to a Wrongful or Accidental Death caused by a Slip, Trip and Fall Accident. This could include sudden funeral and burial expenses, loss of consortium, and more.
  • Property Damage for your vehicle
Free Legal Advice After A Slip & Fall Accident

What You Should or Should Not Do After A Slip and Fall Injury

You Should Call 911 For Emergency Services and Help

You Should Seek medical treatment for your injuries Hospitals in or near Pompano Beach, Florida

You Should Take Video and Photos of the scene of the accident to include any liquid or uneven surfaces

You Should Collect witness information and statements

  • Do not provide a recorded statement to the Insurance Company
  • Do not sign any documents from the insurance company
  • Do not avoid medical treatment
  • Do not accept a settlement without speaking with a knowledgeable Slip and Fall lawyer near you
Broward Slip & Fall Claims: Who Is Responsible For the Accident?

In the State of Florida, property owners have an obligation to maintain their properties and keep them safe and secure. By law, property owners are required to fix any known hazards and to inform guests, visitors, or contractors of any hazards that could cause one to be injured.

However, when the property owner or their management company fails to maintain their facility, and a visitor is injured as a result, the injured persons may have a claim against the owners.

In Florida, a property owner could be considered negligent if they were aware of or should have been aware of the hazards that could cause an individual harm. In the event they failed to fix or repair the hazard, or worst, warn visitors or contractors, they could be deemed negligent.

Does It Matter What You Were Doing On The Property?

Absolutely -- In the State of Florida, laws pertaining to premises liabilities stipulates a degree of care owed to the guest or visitor based on the type of relationship they shared and the reason for the injured person being on the premises.

The Difference Between An Invitees vs Licensees vs Trespassers
An Invitee is a guest or visitor that is invited onto the property by the owner.A Licensee is a contractor who is invited onto the property to perform a job or service.A Trespasser is an individual who was not invited onto the property.
What if I Slip, Trip or Fall at Work?

Should you or a loved one be injured at work, there may be a third-party liability claim against the property owner or negligent party. Additionally, you could bring a worker’s compensation claim with your employer.

Florida Statute of Limitation For Slip and Fall Claims

According to Florida's statute of limitations, you have four years from the date of the accident to file a slip and fall accident lawsuit. The statute of limitations for wrongful death cases in Florida is two years from the date of the death. Your lawsuit needs to be filed within this time period, failure to file within the time limit will bar you from seeking compensation through litigation.

However, there are some rare exceptions. Contact an attorney as soon as possible for legal guidance on how to proceed with your slip and fall claim.

Ask Attorney Ethan Kominsky: I was injured on someone else's property. What should I do?

Do You Need a Lawyer For A Slip and Fall Case?

If you or someone you love has been injured in a slip, trip or fall accident, a skilled injury lawyer can try to save you a lot of time and stress from dealing with the insurance company.

Since a slip, trip or fall accident can happen in a matter of seconds, your injury lawyer will help try to prove liability by establishing that the property owner or their management company was negligent in maintaining their property.

At Frankl & Kominsky, our slip and fall attorneys may further investigate the scene of the accident and try to document the cause of the injury such as a broken or uneven pavement, narrow or broken stairs or steps, or an oily substance.

Our lawyers may also ask the following questions related to your slip and fall accident:

  • When you were injured, where did the accident take place?
  • What were the conditions of the floor or area which caused you to fall?
    • What did the floor or surface look like?
  • How often do you visit this property or establishment?
    • Have you fallen on this property before or is this your first time?
  • Who was with you when you fell?
    • Were you alone or were witnesses present?
  • Did you report the accident to the property owner or company?
  • Was EMS or Emergency Services called to the scene of the accident?
  • Did you see a doctor, visit an emergency room, or urgent care after the fall?
Other types of Premises Liability Claims We Handle

Inadequate Building Security

These claims can occur when a building owner, office, or apartment building fails to provide adequate security. You may have noticed shopping malls and apartment buildings have security on site or perhaps a doorman present. This is to prevent someone from breaking in an injuring or assaulting someone in the building.

If a property owner or property management company fails to provide security and an individual enters the premises and causes harm or kills someone, the property owner may be held responsible for the lack of security.

Should you or someone you love was injured at a shopping center, apartment building or while on private property, we encourage you to call our Broward County Injury Firm for a Free Consultation at 954-627-1661.

Swimming Pool Accidents

These claims arise when a pool is left unsupervised or unsecured and a person or child is injured or drowns. Most states may require that pool owners or facilities with a pool have the area fenced or have a locked gate. Should an individual be injured because the owner or facility fails to do so, the injured victim or their family members may have a claim.

Why Hire Frankl & Kominsky For Your Slip and Fall Injury Claim

At Frankl & Kominsky, we provide each client with sound legal guidance, meticulous file management, top-notch communication, and phenomenal customer service.

The founding partners, Attorney Steven Frankl and Attorney Ethan Kominsky, have assisted over 7,000 clients in the State of Florida. Together with our seasoned legal team, we bring over 40 years of combined legal and litigation experience and have recovered more than $100 million in accident and injury settlements.

Start Your Free Slip and Fall Consultation Today

If you or a loved one has been injured in a slip, trip or fall accident, we encourage you to contact our Broward Slip and Fall Attorneys to discuss the cause of your accident, the extent of your injuries, and your potential claim against the property owners. We offer a free, no-obligation consultation by calling 954-627-1661. Call today and let us help you through this challenging time.

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