Slip and Fall at Trader Joes Grocery Store in Gainesville

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Have you or a loved one been the victim of a trip, slip and fall accident at a business location or market similar to a Trader Joes Grocery Store in Gainesville? If so, your accident could leave you with unexpected life changes including physical injuries, financial losses and emotional distress. You might also be wondering if you have grounds for a personal injury lawsuit, and if you should speak to a slip and fall lawyer to take care of your case. The premises liability lawyers at Frankl Kominsky serve the Gainesville area and will review the facts of your case. Contact Frankl Kominsky for your free consultation.

Our Florida injury attorneys know just how serious a slip and fall incident can be for you and your loved ones. This is why at Frankl Kominsky we are dedicated to assist you with your claim. We will try to establish that the business establishment where your incident occurred is responsible for the dangerous conditions that may have caused your unexpected slip and fall incident.

Our personal injury lawyers, serving the Gainesville area, are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to take your call. Call us at 352-800-8000 for your free consultation today.

Why Slip and Fall Victims Should Seek Experienced Legal Advice

Any sudden injury, regardless of its severity, can potentially have a negative impact on your life. A slip and fall is no exception. During the aftermath of a slip and fall injury, you may have to adjust your life in ways that you never imagined. Your life could possibly be turned upside down and the last thing you will most likely want to focus on is filing an injury claim.

It is possible for a slip and fall victim to delay filing a personal injury lawsuit because of their concern for their health and well being. Delaying your claim could be potentially be detrimental to your case. Furthermore, if a victim fails to seek any medical treatment they can be faced with injuries that might potentially become worse over time.

Under the 2018 Florida Statutes you must file a negligence lawsuit for your slip and fall accident within two years of the date of the incident at a business location such as a Trader Joes. Although two years may appear to be a long time, the longer you wait to talk to the injury attorneys at Frankl Kominsky, the further you delay any investigation into your slip and fall claim. As each day goes by, the possibility of vital evidence being tampered with that could be fundamental to the success of your slip and fall case become greater.

If you suspected that the store owner could possibly take steps to prevent critical evidence from ending up in the hands of a slip and fall injury attorney, then you might be correct. This is why you should seek legal advice as soon as your health is stabilized. Our premises liability lawyers will quickly get to work and try to gather any evidence that would help show the business establishment knew or should have known about the hazardous condition that caused your slip and fall accident.

This is why we recommend contacting a Florida slip and fall attorney as soon as physically possible. In fact, once your health is alleviated make it a priority to call Frankl Kominsky, who can help navigate your slip and fall claim so that we can try to pursue the justice and compensation you deserve.

Our personal injury lawyers are experienced at utilizing the legal strategizes needed to try to tackle potentially challenging insurance companies, and other hurdles that might inevitably arise throughout the slip and fall claims process. We pride ourselves on trying to give you the best chance at receiving the compensation you deserve, while you focus on your health and loved ones.

The experienced legal team at Frankl Kominsky serve the Gainesville area and strive to thoroughly prepare your slip and fall claim as though we will be going to trial.

Aside from dealing with the challenges that inevitably may stem from a slip and fall case, our trusted personal injury lawyers are always happy to try to answer any questions you may have about Florida law and your slip and fall claim. We pride ourselves on striving to maintain open lines of communication with our clients by doing our best to promptly return emails and calls. While you rest and recover we will regularly update you about the status of your injury claim.

What Damages can I Recover From My Slip and Fall Claim?

Rest assured that if you have been seriously injured in a slip and fall at a market such as a Trader Joes in Gainesville you may be able to claim compensation for a number of damages including medical bills, future medical bills, loss of wages, and emotional distress.

A slip and fall victim might be able to pursue their case for possible economic and non-economic damages but could need strong evidence to verify their claim. The lawyers at Frankl Kominsky will try to accumulate specific types of evidence to support your claim including medical records, photos of the injury, incident reports, surveillance footage and witness statements.

Try not to let a slip and fall accident stop you from living your best life. Our injury lawyers serve the Gainesville area and will pursue your slip and fall case with the utmost care. Our talented legal team strives to confidently handle your case, and all challenges that might potentially arise so that you can hopefully rest and recover. The sooner you call Frankl Kominsky, the sooner you may be able to move on with your life.

Call the Slip and Fall Lawyers Today at Frankl Kominsky, Serving the Gainesville Area!

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