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Deerfield Beach Personal Injury LawyersDeerfield Beach, Florida is a city in Broward County that is known for its pleasant weather, which attracts tourists from all over the country. During the summer months, the average temperature is in the 80s which makes for pleasant outdoor activities that include water sports and other outdoor pursuits. Points of interest in Deerfield Beach include the Deerfield Beach Arboretum for those who enjoy botanical views and the Quiet Waters Park , for those who are more inclined towards outdoor water-related entertainment.

Every year, however, a number of people there suffer harm caused by the wrongdoing or negligence of others. If you’ve been hurt in an accident in or near Deerfield Beach, you may be able to take legal action against the at-fault party.

The legal team at Frankl Kominsky is dedicated to providing their clients with skilled representation when it comes to obtaining compensation for injuries and losses that have been accumulated due to the negligent actions of others.

Deerfield Beach: Personal Injury Cases That We are Available to Handle

Personal injuries will result from a number of different types of causes. Car accidents are one of the most common situations in which personal injuries are obtained. Other common types of injury cases involve: workplace accidents and slip and fall accidents. These types of everyday accident occurrences may result in serious injuries that can produce substantial medical bills, pain and suffering and lost time at work.

Some of the different types of accidents that we are available to handle at Frankl Kominsky include:

Car Accidents – Deerfield Beach is a city that is known for its tourism and is located in an area that is the gateway for other tourist attractions in nearby cities. One of the problems with this type of situation is the fact that one can find a larger percentage of distracted drivers who are searching for their destinations. Needless to say, these drivers are not giving their full attention to the road.

Large Trucks, Tractor Trailer and 18-wheeler Accidents – Commercial vehicles represent some of the greatest hazards on the road. Here, you have the potential for an accident that involves a huge machine and much smaller vehicles all moving at a high rate of speed. The much larger truck may also present a situation in which a driver is overtired and ignoring mandatory rest breaks while trying to meet an unreasonable company deadline. The large size of these trucks also account for the number of fatalities resulting from these types of accidents.

Motorcycle, Scooters, and Bike accidents – Those who are riding on motorcycles and bikes generally don’t benefit from the types of physical protection that can be found on cars and trucks. Therefore, when riders are thrown from these types of vehicles, serious injuries and fatalities are almost assured.

Workplace Accidents – Many workers are involved in career choices that lead them to work in relatively dangerous environments (roofers, construction workers, etc.). In some cases, employers haven’t provided the legally required safety provisions. In other cases, an employer may refuse to accept worker’s compensation claims with no justification involved.

Medical Malpractice Cases – Negligence during medical care may result in serious injury or even a fatality. For example, medical tools may be improperly sterilized. Other situations may include the administration of the wrong medication or a blatant misdiagnosis.

Wrongful Death – All too often, those who have been injured may die from their injuries. In this situation, devastating financial and emotional damages may result. Here, a wrongful death lawsuit may be filed in order to attempt to obtain compensation due to the carelessness of others.

Statute of Limitations

The statute of limitations for personal injury and wrongful death lawsuits differ. In Florida, you must file a personal injury claim within two years from the date of the accident. In wrongful death cases, the time frame to file is two years from the date of the death.

If you don’t file your lawsuit within the applicable statute of limitations, your case will likely be dismissed and you will lose your legal right to pursue your claim. Of course, there are exceptions to these limitations, however, they are quite rare and should be discussed with a personal injury lawyer serving Deerfield Beach.

See: Florida Statute section 95.11(3)(a) .

How Will a Personal Injury Lawyers Help My Case

At Frankl Kominsky, we pride ourselves on providing our clients with superior customer service. We take a one-on-one approach to the way we deal with our clients. If you have been injured due to someone else’s negligent and reckless behavior, you should have a dedicated legal team assisting you with your claim. Our Florida accident lawyers are committed to helping injured victims. We have over 40 years of combined legal experience handling accident and injury cases, and we are available to assist you in your negligence claim.

Common Injuries Following an Accident

The types of injuries that are usually seen by injury lawyers serving Deerfield Beach may result in many different mental and physical issues. Some of these are:

  • Traumatic Brain Injuries – Brain injuries can be somewhat common. However, the actual brain injury results are far from typical or predictable. Fortunately, some of the less serious injuries may heal themselves, in time. But there are those that can dramatically alter the victim’s life and the life of their families. Complete loss of employment is just one of these consequences. In addition, insurance payments are very often not enough when it comes to covering all of the expenses involved with these injuries.
  • Soft Tissue & Muscular Injuries – These types of injuries are noted for taking an exceptionally long amount of time in order to heal. Adding to the initial expenses are potentially costly physical therapy sessions. There may also be a significant amount of pain that is involved in the healing process. Also, some injuries of this type will make going back to the victim’s original job difficult.
  • Broken or Fractured Bones – A personal injury may lead to any type of bone fracture – some more serious than others. While a broken finger, for some, may be a relatively minor inconvenience, a fractured spine can be a life changing disaster. Some fractures can be treated with just a simple cast, while others may require expensive surgery that takes many months to heal.
  • Paralysis due to spinal damage – This is one of the most devastating types of injury that may require a lifetime of medical treatment. These injuries may also require home and/or vehicle modifications and hired help to assist the person when it comes to doing everyday activities.
  • Permanent facial and body scars – Expensive and painful skin grafts might be needed when it comes to addressing these types of injuries. Emotional trauma may also be a major factor when dealing with the resulting disfigurement. If psychological assistance is needed, then the cost of this care may be extremely high.

Other common injuries include:

  • Cuts, Scrapes, and Bruising
  • Whiplash
  • Herniated Discs
  • Injuries to the Hip, Knee or Elbow
What Types of Damages Can You Pursue After An Injury
  • Medical Bills and Expenses related to the accident and injury, which could include EMS transportation via ambulance or flight, cost of treatment at the emergency room, urgent care or your primary care physician, chiropractic treatments, MRIs, and prescription medication.
  • Extended Medical Care, Custom Accessibility, or Rehabilitation: which includes home health care, wheelchairs, walkers, in-home lifts, long-term care facilities, and home renovation for accessibility.
  • Lost wages and Loss of Future Income including the inability to return to work either temporarily or permanently and time missed from work to seek medical treatment, follow up doctor appointments, MRIs and more.
  • Property Damage for your vehicle
What Steps You Should Take After An Accident or Injury in Deerfield Beach

If you’ve been injured, these are some things that you should consider:

  1. The first thing to do is to make a determination as to the seriousness of your injury. If you feel that the injury is serious, you can call for assistance in order to obtain ambulance transportation to the nearest hospital. However, even in cases in which the injury doesn’t seem to be that serious, you should call for assistance if you have fallen to the floor/ground. That’s because you may become dizzy when attempting to stand.
  2. If there are any witnesses, be sure to get their contact information.
  3. If you have a camera or if you can take photos with your phone, take multiple pictures of the accident area along with your injuries.
  4. File an immediate accident report with the property’s owner or manager. Get a hard copy of the signed report prior to leaving the property. This is very important, since vital information regarding the accident can be “lost” if you don’t have a copy of the report in your possession.
  5. If you are able to travel, go directly to the nearest hospital emergency room or to your own doctor’s office. Obtain a complete exam and keep a copy of all the doctor’s findings and medical bills in a single location.
  6. Never engage in discussion about your accident with the property’s representatives. This also holds true when it comes to posting information on any social media platform.
  7. Never accept any offers and avoid giving a recorded statement first speaking to a personal injury attorney.
  8. Above all, immediately contact an experienced personal injury lawyer who is available to serve Deerfield Beach. Your initial consultation is completely free – so you’ll have nothing to lose.
Benefits of Hiring an Injury Lawyer in Broward County

Deaths and injuries from accidents can be the result of any number of negligent causes, which may occur in Deerfield Beach at any given time. If you have been harmed because of someone else’s carelessness, there is no substitute for having dedicated legal representation on your side. Our Florida accident lawyers are committed to helping injured victims.

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